Sunday, December 4, 2016

Visitors requests....maybe you can help out

You can leave requests, comments  and replies in the usual way and after moderation they will appear below.
Please do not request new or easy to find CD's as they will not be posted here.


10th June: KingCake - Various-Double-Dealing-Blues-Chess-Blues-Archives-Vol2-Texas-West-Coast- PLP 6064 or CH(j) 6064

12th June: John - The Gospel Train Is Coming - West Coast Gospel P-Vine CD 5826

15th June: Dr. Hepcat - Graham Hine - Bottleneck blues on Blue Goose
Percy Mayfield-For Collectors Only-Specialty 7000 (lp)

23rd June: VelvetChutzpah -Ike Turner CDs:
I Like Ike! The Best of Ike Turner - Rhino
King Cobra: The Chicago Sessions - FUEL 2000 (I already own these 1958-1959 sessions from an older release but I'd love to get an upgrade in sound)

8th July: Hartmut -
Dennis Binder / Raymond Hill from Sun Box
George Allen „The Will To Go On“ - Sotoplay 0012

31st July: Ballas - Ann Arbor Blues & Jazz Festival 1973" on P-Vine PCD 4782/83

21st August: KansasJoe: older cd material from Joe Weaver and Ricky

21st Augustus: Anonymous - Ma Rainey, see the comments for whats requested.

13th October; RM
Any idea how to find these records from swamp blues pioneer Mushmouth Robinson?
Boogie Boo Blues - BLACK AND WHITE (1940s) - 105 - 1945-01-09; Composer: Robinson; matrix: C6; control: (NYC); ~3 min
I Got The Blues - BLACK AND WHITE (1940s) - 104B - 1945-01-09; matrix: C8; control: (NYC); ~3 min
I'm Hip To These Women - BLACK AND WHITE (1940s) - 105 - 1945-01-09; Composer: Robinson; matrix: C7; control: (NYC); ~3 min
Let's Get Some - BLACK AND WHITE (1940s) - 104A - 1945-01-09; matrix: C5; control: (NYC); ~3 min

16th October: Gerard Herzhaft -Would anyone have a copy in any form of any Knowles (a Gospel Detroit record label) LP and 45s, particularly Knowles LP 1.000.000??

16th October: KingPossum - Larry Davis: I Ain't Beggin' Nobody
thanks go to Steve626

30th October: Pablow - Blind Connie Williams -Philadelphia Street Singer- Traditional Blues, Spirituals And Folksongs"
BTW still after "Harmonica Frank Floyd's ‎– Blues That Made The Roosters Dance"


30th October: Pino - Rosco Gordon - Legendary Sun Performers

4th December: Muddyw1213 - Freddy King ‎– It's Too Bad Things Are Going so Tough on Python Records ‎– PLP KM 5

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Various - Houston's Deep Throat Blues Chapter 1

Earl Gilliam - Just You And I
Clarence Garlow - Sound The Bell
Clarence Garlow - Train Fare Home
B. J. Brooks - Slap Happy Twist
Junior Cole - Go On
Billy Bizor - T-Model Ford
Lonnie Mitchell - Gone Away
Lonnie Mitchell - Louisiana Slo-Drag
Piano Slim - Gonna Leave You This Time
Piano Slim - Cuban Cane Fields
Calvin "Loudmouth" Johnson - Lein On Your Body
Lightnin' Hopkins - War's Starting Again
Juke Boy Bonner - It's A Shame, Shame, Shame
Juke Boy Bonner - Mojo Hand
Juke Boy Bonner - Grandmas Will Dog You Around
Guitar Slim - If I Should Lose You
Joe Medwick - Johnny Payday
Joe Fritz - Doctor Sweet Soul

Roscoe Gordon - The Legendary Sun Classics

T - Model Boogie
Decorate The Counter
I Wade Through Muddy Water (And Across The Burning Sands)
I Love You Better Than I Love Myself (Tell Me Pretty Baby)
Just Love Me Baby
Weeping Blues
Do The Chicken (Dance With You)
Love For You, Baby
That's What You Do To Me
I Found A New Love
I Don'T Like It
Cheese And Crackers
Sally Jo
Shoobie Oobie

Plucked from internet and thanks go to the original poster

Jessie Tolbert - Raw Blues (mono)

1. Back out in the rain
2. Baby we can't get married
3. She gave me the blues
4. I'm sold on you

1. Partee
2. I got a long way to go
3. Jessie rock
4. No snatching it back


Guitar Crusher - I Can Do Bad Myself (mono)

A1 Bartender Advice 4:13
A2 I Can't Just Pull You Down 5:00
A3 My Heart's On Strike 7:00
B1 Broken Heart Like Mine 5:22
B2 Coney Island Moonlight 5:32
B3 I Can Do Bad By Myself 8:15

Boozoo Chavis - Paper In My Shoe (mono)

A1 Paper In My Shoe
A2 Motor Dude Special
A3 Blues All Around My Bed
A4 Leona Had A Party
A5 Dance All Night
A6 Deacon Jones
B1 Dog Hill
B2 Oh Yes I Want My Baby
B3 Boogie Woogie All Night Long
B4 Worried Life Blues
B5 My Toot Toot
B6 L.A. Women Love Uncle Bud


Sunday, November 27, 2016

Hartmuts Singles 34


Sonny Terry - Robbin' The Grave (mono)

A1 Feel Like Robbin' The Grave 4:30
A2 Selling Out 2:30
A3 Black Night Road 4:54
A4 That Train And My Woman 2:48
A5 Playing With The Thing 2:33
B1 Cut Off From My Baby 3:15
B2 Mean Old Woman 3:09
B3 One Woman Man 2:39
B4 Cold Wind Blowing 3:45
B5 The Boogie


Lil Bob & The Lollipops - Back Again

Rare tape from Southern Soul Legend Camille Bob. Visit Sir Shambling's Deep Soul heaven for his story.
Thank you KansasJoe for this tape.


Betty Everret & Lillian Offitt - Chicago Blues (mono)

A1 Tell Me Darling
A2 I'll Weep No More
A3 Killer Diller
A4 My Life Depends On You
A5 My Love
A6 Ain't Gonna Cry
A7 Killer Diller
B1 Oh Mama
B2 Will My Man Be Home Tonight
B3 The Man Won't Work
B4 My Man Is A Lover
B5 Troubles
B6 Shine On
B7 Everyday Of My Life
B8 Darling Tell Me