Saturday, October 22, 2016

Larks - Do The Jerk

A1 The Jerk 2:30
A2 Keep Jerkin 1:50
A3 Mickey's East Coast Jerk 2:40
A4 Do The Jerk 2:45
A5 Jerkin' USA 2:45
B1 Soul Jerk 2:25
B2 You Must Believe Me 2:40
B3 Jerk Once More 2:30
B4 Slauson Shuffle 1 2:30
B5 Slauson Shuffle 2 2:30


Phil Flowers - I Am The Greatest

All Or Nothing
The Hayloft Stomp
Carol Lee
You're Just An Angel
Walkin' At Night
C.C. Rider
My Bonnie
The Dances


Hartmuts Singles 30


Various - Harpin' On It

A1 –George "Mojo" Buford Deep Sea Diver 4:08
A2 –George "Mojo" Buford In My Younger Days 3:15
A3 –George "Mojo" Buford Crawdad Hole 2:38
A4 –Jew Town Burks Minnie Sue 4:30
A5 –Jew Town Burks Partnership Woman 4:18
A6 –Easy Baby Good Morning Mr. Blues 3:12
B1 –Big John Wrencher Now Darlin' 3:35
B2 –Hot Shot Love Harmonica Boogie 2:20
B3 –Hot Shot Love Go Back Home 2:29
B4 –Mack Simmons, James Cotton Homework 2:17
B5 –Billy Branch Hoochie Coochie 4:15
B6 –Johnny Mars Johnny's Groove 6:40

Monday, October 17, 2016

Visitors requests....maybe you can help out

You can leave requests, comments  and replies in the usual way and after moderation they will appear below.
Please do not request new or easy to find CD's as they will not be posted here.


10th of April: Kurt Kricz,
Southern Comfort Country - Flyright 501
Tarheel Stomp - Flyright LP 511
And on some other labels:
The Blues - vol. 4 - big bear
Piano Blues Legends - jsp 1056
Old Country Blues (Flyright LP 537)

22nd April: Gerard Herzhaft -Joe Liggins' title Ham-bone boogie (Exclusive 151X). Very hard to hear rare instrumental.

1st May: Pablovski - VA -Is Blues As Big As Texas ( Home cooking)

10th June: KingCake - Various-Double-Dealing-Blues-Chess-Blues-Archives-Vol2-Texas-West-Coast- PLP 6064 or CH(j) 6064

12th June: John - The Gospel Train Is Coming - West Coast Gospel P-Vine CD 5826

15th June: Dr. Hepcat - Graham Hine - Bottleneck blues on Blue Goose
Percy Mayfield-For Collectors Only-Specialty 7000 (lp)

23rd June: VelvetChutzpah -Ike Turner CDs:
I Like Ike! The Best of Ike Turner - Rhino
King Cobra: The Chicago Sessions - FUEL 2000 (I already own these 1958-1959 sessions from an older release but I'd love to get an upgrade in sound)

8th July: Hartmut -
Dennis Binder / Raymond Hill from Sun Box
George Allen „The Will To Go On“ - Sotoplay 0012

31st July: Ballas - Ann Arbor Blues & Jazz Festival 1973" on P-Vine PCD 4782/83

21st August: KansasJoe: older cd material from Joe Weaver and Ricky

21st Augustus: Anonymous - Ma Rainey, see the comments for whats requested.

13th October; RM
Any idea how to find these records from swamp blues pioneer Mushmouth Robinson?
Boogie Boo Blues - BLACK AND WHITE (1940s) - 105 - 1945-01-09; Composer: Robinson; matrix: C6; control: (NYC); ~3 min
I Got The Blues - BLACK AND WHITE (1940s) - 104B - 1945-01-09; matrix: C8; control: (NYC); ~3 min
I'm Hip To These Women - BLACK AND WHITE (1940s) - 105 - 1945-01-09; Composer: Robinson; matrix: C7; control: (NYC); ~3 min
Let's Get Some - BLACK AND WHITE (1940s) - 104A - 1945-01-09; matrix: C5; control: (NYC); ~3 min

16th October: Gerard Herzhaft -Would anyone have a copy in any form of any Knowles (a Gospel Detroit record label) LP and 45s, particularly Knowles LP 1.000.000??

16th October: KingPossum - Larry Davis: I Ain't Beggin' Nobody
thanks go to Steve626

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Blind John Davis - Alive, "Live" And Well

It`s My Boogie
When I Lost My Baby
Dippermouth Blues
Got The World On A String
Jim Town Blues
St. James Infirmary
Pinetop`s Boogie
Little Break Theme
Cow Cow Blues
Everyday I Got The Blues
Limehouse Blues
Moanin`The Blues
Frankie & Johnnie
Baby Won`t You Please Come Home
Kansas City
Good Night My Friends

Autographed front cover for those interested.

Peg Leg Sam - The Last Medicine Show

A1 John Henry
A2 Greasy Greens
B1 Straighten Up And Flyright
C1 Hand Me Down
D1 Who's That Left Here A While Ago?
D2 One Mint Julep

Short explanation to this rip so as not to tread on toes. This is my rip from my personal copy of the set, the cover scans are mine but the book scans are from Discogs. Covers and book are in the map disc 1. Tracks have not been separated as they flow into each other and it would spoil the listening pleasure.

Disc 1:
Disc 2:

Mitty Collier - Hold The Light

A1 Hold the Light 3:49
A2 He Brought Joy Into My Life 4:07
A3 On the Other Side 3:42
A4 Lord, You Blessed 3:04
B1 Love in the World 3:35
B2 Nobody's Fault But Mine 3:49
B3 I'm Glad 4:14
B4 He Looked Beyond My Faults 6:15

Thank you KansasJoe

Jim Gamble - Gamble & Friends

A1 What Is Today
A2 I Want To Thank You Baby
A3 The Blues (It's All For You)
A4 Going Down The Road
B1 It's Hard To Explain
B2 Loose Ends (Stinky Feet)
B3 The Drummer Song
B4 Xmas Time

Rare one from KansasJoe

Hartmuts Singles 29