Sunday, March 26, 2017

Carter Brothers - Blues On Tour

CD 1:
1 Do The Flo Show
2 Southern Country Boy (Full Length Master)
3 Booze In The Bottle
4 Stop Talking In Your Sleep
5 I've Been Mistreated (For Five Long Years)
6 I Don't Care
7 Booby Trap Baby
8 (She's So Fine) So Glad He's Mine
9 Don't Pitty Me
10 Blues On Tour (Parts 1 & 2)
11 Why Baby Why (Part 1)
12 Why Baby Why (Part 2)
13 Queen Bee
14 There's Trouble Brewin'
15 What You Say Big Mama
16 Roast Possum

CD 2:
1 Carter's Pills (Instrumental) (Take 1)
2 Sucker Of Circumstances
3 Wonderful Girl
4 Anything For You Baby
5 Get It Together
6 Wrong Number
7 You Don't Know
8 Just Consider Yourself Baby
9 I Feel Alright
10 I Woke Up Smilin'
11 Hey It's Alright
12 Cheatin' Woman
13 Blues Brothers (Instrumental)
14 Booze In The Bottle (Overdub Take 1)
15 Booby Trap Baby (Take 1)
16 Stop Talking In Your Sleep (Take 2)
17 Booby Trap Baby (Take 2)
18 (She's So Fine) So Glad She's Mine (Take 1)
19 Southern Country Boy (Take Unknown)
20 Cheatin' Woman (Take Unknown)

Pat Cooley - Double Talk

A1 Double Talk
A2 I Never Loved A Man
A3 I Ain't Going Where You Go
A4 When Something Is Wrong With My Baby
A5 Borrow Me
B1 Take It Easy (Don't Do Something You'll Be Sorry For)
B2 Main Thing
B3 I'm Gonna Trade You In
B4 I Let You Get Over
B5 I'm Giving It All I Got

KansasJoe post:

5 Dutones - Shake A Tail Feather

A1 Get It
A2 My World
A3 Don't Let Go (Part 1)
A4 That's How I Love You
A5 The Woodbine Twine
A6 Shake A Tail Feather
B1 The Flea
B2 Soul
B3 Please Change Your Mind
B4 Divorce Court
B5 Let Me Love You
B6 Don't Let Go (Part 2)


John Littlejohn & Carey Bell - Live At Pit Inn

Bloody Tears 5:20
Hoochie Coochie Man 4:21
Mama Told Me 4:10
Sweet Home Chicago 4:09
Dream 5:49
Carey Bell's Rock 4:10
Easy To Love You 7:11
Kiddio 3:42
Slidin' Home 5:05
Shake Your Money Maker 3:55


Hartmuts Singles 43


Saturday, March 25, 2017

Visitors requests....maybe you can help out

You can leave requests, comments  and replies in the usual way and after moderation they will appear below.
Please do not request new or easy to find CD's as they will not be posted here.


16th October: Gerard Herzhaft -Would anyone have a copy in any form of any Knowles (a Gospel Detroit record label) LP and 45s, particularly Knowles LP 1.000.000??

30th October: Pablow - Blind Connie Williams -Philadelphia Street Singer- Traditional Blues, Spirituals And Folksongs"
BTW still after "Harmonica Frank Floyd's ‎– Blues That Made The Roosters Dance"


30th October: Pino - Rosco Gordon - Legendary Sun Performers

4th December: Muddyw1213 - Freddy King ‎– It's Too Bad Things Are Going so Tough on Python Records ‎– PLP KM 5

19th January: Pepe - Post War blues (PWB) Vol. 4 Texas

21st January: David: Va -"Times Are So Tight" LP on Swingtime
"Blues In The Thirties" LP on Japanese MCA, or the Japanese P-Vine LP "Johnnie Temple: Lead Pencil Blues"?

5th February: MapleBlues -Black Wich-a-Way Rhythm - Early Rockin Rhythm & Blues – Various Artist

9th February: Ricardo M - Benny Spellman compilation on Bandy Records called "Benny Spellman"

11th February; Tom Thumb -Can somebody please help with some late JOB 45s?
Otis Spann 1110, 1111
Eddie King 1122 (Lonely Man)
Ernest Cotton 1125
Willie Cobbs 1127
Thanks go to Androdad: Tom Thumb here's 6 of the 10 J.O.B. songs.
Didn't have 1110 or 1127

l9th March: Ballas -The Great Hudson River Revival Volume I" on Flying Fish

10th March: KingPossum - Zoo Bar recordings by Magic Slim

19th March: Gerard Herzhaft - Chick Rodgers: Essentially yours.... (JP cd release)

Friday, March 24, 2017

Frits's tapes Number 57 & 58(Corrected)

Tape 57:

 Corrected Tape 58:

Tape 58 now has the missing track Hoochie Coochie Man and correct tagging. Wish I had the Eddie King 45 for the jukebox, it's great.
This time round it's all the Kings from Frits.

Various ‎– Collector's Album, C.J.'s Roots Of Chicago Blues Vol 1 - 3



Sorry about the crappy scans.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Long Gone Miles - Country Born

A1 I Feel All Right 1:35
A2 Things That I Used To Do 3:12
A3 No Money No Honey 2:24
A4 Miss Hazel Mae 3:44
A5 Long Gone 3:32
B1 Barefoot Rock 2:24
B2 Bad Luck 3:22
B3 Mercury Jump 1:52
B4 Long Distance Call 3:21
B5 So Sorry For To Leave 4:17

This lp and cover have seen better days. Lots of crackling and pops but no skips.


Sunday, March 19, 2017

Abb Locke - Big City Blues

Motel Blues
Big City Blues
Going Home
Blues, Blues, Blues
43rd Street Blues And Grease
Chicago Blues Rap

KansasJoe post: